Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions: In these terms and conditions, ‘Something Borrowed’ means SB Alago Events C.B. ‘The Client’ means the person or company making the booking and ‘the Booking’ means the event Something Borrowed is supplying items and services to for the Client, and ‘the Quotation’ means Something Borrowed’s Quotation of price based on the estimated number of items & services that is ordered.
  2. Quotation. A Quotation is valid for 14 days for the date thereof unless otherwise stated. Items available at time of Quotation but cannot thereafter be guaranteed until booking is confirmed.
  3. Confirmation. All ordered items & services must be confirmed in writing by email or letter by the Client. The Clients signature or email confirmation will confirm acceptance both of the Quotation and these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Deposit for booking. Something Borrowed require a 50% deposit of the amount of the Quotation to secure the Booking for the Client unless otherwise agreed.
  5. Security Deposit. A refundable deposit may be required of 100% of the cost of hire. The refundable deposit less the replacement cost of damaged items or losses are returned by bank transfer after items have been checked by authorised staff at Something Borrowed’s premises. Where the deposit is not sufficient to cover the replacement cost the Client is liable for the balance.
  6. IVA (VAT). IVA at the current rate is payable on all charges, no matter where the event takes place.
  7. Cancellation. If a booking is cancelled after confirmation by the Client, any liability to sub-contractors or other costs incurred by SB Something Borrowed on behalf of the Client will be charged to the Client. Payment will be payable in accordance with the list of charges specified in schedule 1*.
  8. Variations. Where an item or piece of equipment booked becomes available due to loss or damage Something Borrowed will provide alternative piece from its range where possible.
  9. Loss or Damage. Please note that pens, drinks, food, wax & some clothing dyes can stain or damage Something Borrowed items and furniture. The Client is wholly responsible for all items and equipment from the time of delivery until collection. Items or equipment used or stored outdoors the Client is fully responsible for damaged caused by the weather or any other associated hazard. Any breakage, loss or damage however caused will be charged to the Client at the full replacement cost.
  10. Cleaning. Items should not be placed in the dish washer, washing machine or cleaning product without prior approval by Something Borrowed.
  11. The Client will be responsible for and will indemnify Something Borrowed fully against all claims, costs, loss, damage or liability arising due to the act, neglect or default of the Client or of any person the Client is responsible.
  12. Force Majeure. No liability is accepted for failure of performance due to strike, lockout, accidents, fire, floods, ice, obstruction or other such events beyond the control of Something Borrowed.
  1. Delivery and Collection. The Client is responsible to ensure there is suitable vehicle access to affect a delivery / collection to the venue. Deliveries are from hard standing to adjacent ground level entrance unless pre-arranged. An additional charge will be imposed in respect of the waiting time should the driver and crew be unduly delayed or detained while attempting to affect a delivery or collection.
  2. Limitation & Liability. No liability is accepted for loss, damage or consequential loss caused by Something Borrowed failure to perform it’s obligations whether that failure is due to negligence on the part of the company, its officers, employees or sub contractors or due to other causes.
  3. Law of the contract. The contract which incorporates these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Spanish law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.
  4. Complaints. Any complaint must be made verbally within 24 hours of the event concerned and followed in writing not more than 48 hours after the event date. Where after it shall be deemed to be unjustified.
  5. Please note should any of our on-site vechles incur a parking ticket or any other fees due to the venue providing insufficient areas for loading / unloading, the cost will be passed on to you the Client. In this instance we will provide a copy of the ticket(s)

*Schedule 1. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of an event the following percentage of the Quotation will be charged to the Client:

– Cancellation of a Booking  prior to 14 days of the Event – 50% of quoted cost.

– Cancellation of a Booking within 14 days of the Event –  100% of quoted cost.